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Geometry Dash 2.0 APK Download Free Online Free Lite PC Lapy : Developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala, Geometry Dash is a 2013 mobile game and Steam game published by his own company RobTop Games. Currently with 20 levels, it is a rhythm-based running game. Each level has distinctive background music. Although the player is not required to complete a level to advance to the next, they increase in difficulty for the most part. Apart from this, other features of the game that prevail in the latest versions are map packs, level editor, secret coins, user-created levels, user coins, a secret vault and a great variety of icons and game modes.


When a player presses anywhere on the touch screen (space/up key or mouse if playing on the Steam version),Geometry Dash 2.0 APK

Geometry Dash uses a simple tapping/clicking system to control different vehicles that react and can be held down to constantly interact (on some vehicles). The speed at which the icon is moving cannot be controlled by users, unless it interacts with a speed changing portal. Integral parts of the game are the timing and rhythm.

Completing a level by reaching the end of it is the object of the game; however, a player will have to start all over from the beginning if he dies to an obstacle. All levels (with the exception of three in the full version – Clubstep,

Theory of Everything 2 and Deadlocked) are unlocked from the start, so they can be played out of order. Scattered in hidden or challenging areas, the player can collect up to three secret coins in each official level along the way.Geometry Dash 2.0 APK

The icon which can take up six individual forms can behave differently with each interaction. With the help of six separate portals, forms can be changed while mini portals can further change the behavior of these and by giving 32 possible combinations of these, their gravity can be inverted with gravity portals, all of which can travel horizontally at four separate speeds. In addition, a different type of portal will enter a mode where two icons exist, which is controlled around the same time.

The character is affected in many ways when portals of various shapes and sizes are encountered. They can mirror the view, teleport the player, activate dual mode and change the form, size and speed of the character. There are also jumping devices which can be used; which can be either activated by touching them or when interacting when on them, and will either make the player jump, flip the gravity or both.Geometry Dash 2.0 APK Showbox App

There is a dual mode in Geometry Dash with 2 different variations, the normal and the 2-player mode. Each interaction moves thr 2 icons in the normal and in the 2-player mode, tapping left side of the touchscreen (or clicking the left side of the screen on Steam) interacts with the first icon and tapping the right side of the screen (clicking the right side of the screen or pressing spacebar/up arrow on Steam) interacts with the second icon.

Geometry Dash 2.0 APK


Achievements which feature in Geometry Dash can be unlocked in various ways like: completing certain Demon- rated levels, getting a certain number of stars, adding friends, completing official levels, rating custom levels, liking or disliking online levels, etc.; plus secret achievements unlocked though undisclosed means.

The player is rewarded with certain icons or colors by unlocking several achievements, where they access the Icon Kit to customize their icon. The player can also unlock other customization features, namely a selection of trails behind icons and a secondary color glow around the icon’s black border.

Game levels

There are 20 official levels in Geometry Dash, 17 of which are playable from the start. While completing each level, there are rewards. 3 Secret Coins can be found in each official level, for a total of 60; 10 unlocking Clubstep, 20 unlocking Theory of Everything 2, and 30 unlocking Deadlocked.

Although the levels start out on a plainly decorated note, distracting decorations and flashing, rotating, pulsing and even invisible obstacles and background elements make the levels more difficult as they pass. This is not actually an intended gameplay feature; as more updates are made to the game, more blocks and features are added alongside more levels, with the new blocks being integrated into these levels.

Levels are classified by difficulty, from Easy to Demon; in order of the levels’ addition to the game, somewhat but not completely in order of difficulty.

The difficulty is represented by the stars and the number of stars the player gets when completing that level. Besides, in comparison to cuatom levels, official levels are worth more stars. For example, Demon levels are rated 14 (as in Clubstep and Theory of Everything 2) and 15 stars (as in Deadlocked) for official levels, and 10 stars for the custom ones.

The practice mode in Geometry Dash can be used for any level. Checkpoints are available in this mode, allowing for respawning without starting the level completely over. These checkpoints are marked by green, diamond-shaped gems, resembling those from The Sims series.

The lengths of the main levels in the game range from 1:22 to 1:42 minutes.


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